Our Asks

NHS Data shows the clear disparity in the levels of care from region to region. The MTG is calling for all patients in England to be treated fairly and equitably as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to address this we are calling for NHS England to agree to the ‘MTG Post-Covid NHS Standard: Patient Charter’.

1. Rapid Access
  • Patients deserve information regarding waiting times for diagnostic tests and interventions.
  • Patients should have timely access to treatment on the NHS.
2. No Arbitrary Restrictions
  • CCGs and ICSs should not place arbitrary restrictions on patient access, this includes; weight restrictions, pain thresholds and non-clinical mechanisms for stopping patients moving onto official waiting lists.
3. Effective Appeals
  • If a treatment is not given, or a patient is not happy with their care, there should be a clear pathway and plan for an appeals process.
4. Choice of Treatment and Location
  • Patients should be provided with appropriate information to make an informed choice about their treatment.
  • Patients should retain the right to choose where they want to receive treatment, even if it is outside their ICS area. The rights of patients are enshrined in legislation through the Any Qualified Provider requirement and this should be upheld.
5. Patient Voice and Input into Prioritisation Decisions
  • The patient voice should be mandated in decision making processes and on ICS boards.
  • Prioritisation decisions will need to be made to address the backlog post covid. However, patients are those who are most affected and must be brought into the decision-making process regarding prioritisation.