The State of NHS England’s Waiting Lists – June 2021

In order to understand the speed with which every Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Regional Team is working to reduce their backlog, the MTG has assessed the number of patients treated in each area across regions, CCGs and ICSs.

The ranking of the 7 regions remained the same in June as it was in May.

Of the 7 regions of NHS England, when looking at the number of patients treated per 1000 people in June, the North East and Yorkshire continued its run of form, coming top for the 3rd month running, treating 5.42 patients per 1000. This was closely followed by the South West of England, where 4.86 people per 1000 were treated in June. Like the North East and Yorkshire, this was the 3rd month in which the South West of England retained the second spot.

Unlike in May, throughout June, all 7 NHS Regions managed to treat more than 3 people per 1000, again showing the continual increase in efficiency across the NHS. London did lag behind the rest, only treating 3.38 people per 1000 in comparison to the East of England in 6th place with 4.14 patients per 1000.

Looking to the percentage increase of patients treated in June, 6 of the 7 Regions managed an output more than 10% higher than they did in May. The Midlands saw the highest percentage increase, with 4.25 patients treated per 1000, 17.1% higher than May’s total of 3.63.

Regional Performance – June 2021

 RegionPopulationPatients treated May 2021Number of patients treated per 1000 people% Change
1North East and Yorkshire8603721466075.420.1326
2South West5631114273444.860.0751
3South East8897835431584.850.1273
4North West7061412328634.650.1363

Waiting List Data – June 2021 

 Region Average (median) waiting time (in weeks)Increase in weeks from May
1North West14.54.8
2North East and Yorkshire15.36
3South East18.35.5
5South West20.18.4
6Midlands 20.49.3
7East 2210.6

Regional Waiting Lists – June 2021

From the three months analysed, June was the first month where we witnessed a change in the average Waiting List rankings.

Across April and May, the region with the lowest waiting time was The North East and Yorkshire, followed by the North West, Midlands, East, South West, South East and London. However, throughout June, this order witnessed substantial change. 

In June 2021, the East came last when looking to average waiting times, with patients having to wait 22.0 weeks for treatment on average.

The North West came first, with an average time 7.5 weeks lower than the East’s at 14.5 weeks.

In June, all 7 regions experienced an increase of at least 5.6 weeks in average waiting time, with the East of England’s increasing by an eye watering 10.6 weeks.