Rationed Care within CCGs

Looking locally at the best and worst performing CCGs in England, NHS Wakefield CCG (North East and Yorkshire) led the way, treating 8.77 patients per 1000 people, 1.51 more than the second-best NHS Dorset CCG (7.26 patients per 1000).

NHS Wirral was the worst performing CCG in June, treating only 2.52 patients per 1000. NHS Wirral was also the worst performing CCG in May, only increasing its output by 0.37 patients per 1000 in June.

NHS Wirral CCG was closely followed by NHS North Central London CCG, NHS West Essex CCG, NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG and NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin CCG, all of which treated less than 3 patients per 1000 in June, the only 5 to do so.

Similarly to NHS Wirral CCG, North Central London, Birmingham and Solihull and West Essex have been in the 4 worst performing CCGs in April, May and June, showing small increases and minimal output compared to national standards. NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin CCG dropped from 7th to 5th from April to May, staying at 5th throughout June.

Worst Performing CCGs – April to June

 April MayJune
113NHS Stoke On Trent CCGNHS Wirral CCGNHS Wirral CCG
112NHS North Central London CCGNHS West Essex CCGNHS North Central London CCG
111NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCGNHS North Central London CCGNHS West Essex CCG
110NHS West Essex CCGNHS Birmingham and Solihull CCGNHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG
109NHS East and North Hertfordshire CCGNHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin CCGNHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin CCG
108NHS North Staffordshire CCGNHS Stoke On Trent CCGNHS Stoke On Trent CCG

Within the 10 worst performing CCGs in May, 3 were in the Midlands, 3 were in the East of England,  2 were in London, 1 was from the North West and 1 was from the North East and Yorkshire.

As the best performing region, North East and Yorkshire-based CCGs took 4 of the top 10 places, closely followed by the North West which had 3.

Best Performing CCGs – June 2021

 CCG Region Population Patients treated June 2021 Number of patients treated per 1000 people
1NHS Wakefield CCGNorth East and Yorkshire34831230568.77
2NHS Dorset CCGSouth West77383956187.26
3NHS St Helens CCGNorth West18058513017.2
4NHS Stafford and Surrounds CCGMidlands15730811287.17
5NHS Tameside and Glossop CCGNorth West26006318026.93
6NHS Blackpool CCGNorth West1394469406.74
7NHS North Tyneside CCGNorth East and Yorkshire20791313746.61
8NHS Northumberland CCGNorth East and Yorkshire32243420876.47
9NHS Cannock Chase CCGMidlands1375958556.21
10NHS Bradford District and Craven CCGNorth East and Yorkshire59090136416.16

Worst Performing CCGs – June 2021

 CCGRegion Population Patients treated June 2021Number of patients treated per 1000 people
1NHS Wirral CCGNorth West3240118172.52
2NHS North Central London CCGLondon151080642202.79
3NHS West Essex CCGEast3100408792.84
4NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCGMidlands118056734362.91
5NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin CCGMidlands50299014722.93
6NHS Stoke On Trent CCGMidlands2646518223.11
7NHS North East London CCGLondon202338363523.14
8NHS East and North Hertfordshire CCGEast57171318143.17
9NHS Vale of YorkNorth East and Yorkshire366,0721,207 3.30
10NHS Herts Valleys CCGEast59803420063.35