FreeStyle Libre rationed for School Girl

Rosey Edwards was a baby when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. To ensure test her blood sugar levels, she has had to use finger prick tests. However, she tried the FreeStyle Libre testing system, which avoids the need for finger prick tests. However, because she lives in Dorset, which does not provide the device to children on the NHS, her parents Kirsty, cannot afford the £96 a month to pay for it. Rosey wrote to Theresa May appealing for her support.

Journalist Ross Clark denied access to hernia operation

In a Daily Mail article, Ross Clark explains how, after suffering with symptoms of a hernia, he attended a GP appointment where he was told that his hernia was not bad enough to quality for funding for surgery. Because he was not in pain and did not have to do heavy lifting for his job, he was told he would not be referred to a specialist. He was told if he wanted inguinal hernia surgery, he would need to access this privately.

“It is pretty galling, after having paid all that tax, to find the NHS turning its back on me and refusing to offer an operation which used to be routine. The NHS tries to justify its penny-pinching on hernia surgery by claiming a ‘watch and wait’ strategy is better where a hernia is causing no symptoms other than a painless bulge. But that misses the point, that the type I have — which accounts for 75 per cent of all hernias — might be little bother when it appears, but will tend to grow with time until it becomes painful and uncomfortable, and possibly even dangerous.” he said.

Mum waiting for NHS cataracts operation was run over 'because she can't see'

Karen Smart, a mum from Stroke, was left with barely any sight after waiting two years for a cataracts operation. As a result, she stepped out in front of a vehicle outside Derriford Hospital, suffering a fractured foot. Her family have claimed the incident would not have happened if she had been able to see the vehicle.



“North Kirklees and Greater Huddersfield, have recently released plans to introduce what they refer to as a health optimisation programme, which would restrict access to elective surgery for those who smoke or who are obese. Make no mistake, whatever title is given to the scheme, it is nothing more than a thinly hidden attempt at rationing healthcare for those in need. Smokers would be given six months to quit, and for those who are considered to be obese—measured by a body mass index of more than 30—the requirement would be to lose 10% of their body weight within 12 months.”

Paula Sherriff MP

Speaking in a Westminster Hall Debate

Disabled women’s knee replacement operation cancelled due to BMI

In July 2018, Nina Parker, a disabled grandmother, was “devastated” to hear her knee operation was “axed in the cull on replacement surgery.” Nina Parker’s health has deteriorated badly and she now needs help with basic routines such as dressing and washing. Nina was due to have a double hip and knee replacement after suffering a fracture and being told by a GP the joints were “knackered”. However, after receiving her new hips, her knee surgery was cancelled because the CCG brought in a BMI threshold of 35. Her BMI was 36.

Her husband said: “We’ve been let down by the NHS and abandoned mid-treatment. The hip replacements are a waste of money as they are useless without knees to support them.”

Patient denied access to life changing penile implant

For David (not his real name),  a 47-year-old engineer with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, an abnormal curvature during an erection caused by fibrous scar tissue under the skin, the only option for a functioning love life is a penile implant. However, despite the devastating impact that the erectile dysfunction problems were having on his life, David was told the NHS would not pay the £4,500 cost of the implant. This forced David to take out a loan to have the operation done privately.