Ration Watch: ‘Defeating the Backlog’

With more than 5 million people on elective procedure waiting lists in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the key challenge for NHS England is how it ensures patients have access to the correct treatment as quickly as possible.

Ration Watch is a campaign to highlight the lottery of care existing across the NHS. The campaign aims to highlight regional disparities and demonstrate the current levels of inequality across the NHS.

Ration Watch looks at NHS activity and waiting times to highlight the challenges some patients face.

The campaign will work with decision makers, whether councillors, MPs or NHS Directors to help improve patient access to treatment regardless of where you’re based in the UK.

22 Week Wait for Care

Ration Watch has identified a stark difference in the accessibility of care offered to people within the different regions of NHS England.

Post-Pandemic Trends

With data examined from April 2021 to June 2021, the CCGs consistently underproviding for their populations is becoming clearer and clearer. 

The MTG 'Post-Covid NHS Standard: Patient Charter’

The MTG is calling for all patients in England to be treated fairly and equitably as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemics.

“It is not fair to individuals and there is a postcode lottery . We should not ration care for some of the most vulnerable in our society.”

Kevan Jones MP

Westminster Hall Debate

“The regional disparities that were present before the Covid pandemic – resulting from arbitrary decision-making from Commissioners – have only been exacerbated by the pandemic. All patients, no matter where they live, deserve the same access to diagnostic tests and interventions. Everyone needs to be treated fairly and equitably as the NHS battles to recover from the enormous impact of Covid.

We urge NHS England to agree to a post-Covid patient charter that ensures rapid access to treatment and no arbitrary restrictions so patients are certain of the service they will receive.”

Barbara Harpham

Chair, Medical Technology Group